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If you want to know who is really in power, look at those whom you may not criticize.
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Good as far as it goes, but they framed it as a "left wing" problem which absolves the complicity and guilt of right wing pols who give pro-Israel/Jewish interest people and orgs like the SPLC a pass, because they/large parts of their base think it will give them an in during the second coming.
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Patrick says

Part of my retirement plan is to avoid California income tax entirely by moving to a state with no income tax,

So you're moving out of state to avoid the income tax when you retire and stop generating income?

Sounds legit.
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I'm self employed in a critical industry, so I never closed. My customers, and my customers' customers, got hit hard by shutdowns and retail closures. Even if Covid went away tomorrow, the economy is in "coyote time" right now. A lot of businesses have closed and will never come back. It was speculated that automation would shrink the service and manufacturing economies over the next 10-20 years, but Covid shut down huge sectors like a switch going off. A lot of people are acting like things will just snap back to normal after the election. I don't think they fundamentally understand how fucked and far from home the economy is at this point. My niche has been shrinking for years, but I pared down fixed costs and expenses and was well positioned to ride the long tail till retirement. Now revenue plunged to 25% of YOY and I don't have any savings left, and there simply isn't any fat left to trim from my expenses.

Going to be an interesting ride.
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Patrick says
Rittenhouse then starts firing into the group

Shitty characterization of what is plainly visible in the videos. He didn't fire into any group, he targeted individuals who were actively attacking him at the moment of being shot.
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Reminds me of the infamous Lawnchair Larry event in LA airspace.

Whenever a car chase passes the LAX approach corridor, the helicopters have to maneuver around it.

Surprised there's a functional jetpack in LA capable of cruising at 3000ft and returning to earth safely.
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ad says
Remember what Saul Alinsky emphasized ? He said for the Marxists to have an effect in the USA

Quote where Alinsky actually wrote that. I'm betting you can't, because you've never read his writing, just repeat things others with an agenda attribute to him.
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She looks like a washed up porn actress.
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Onvacation says
Saul Alinsky

Three different quotes, unrelated to the one I called into question. Where did he write what the first poster attributed to him? Chapter and verse.
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Onvacation says
They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and for reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.

Ghandi had a similar mindset. When were Alinsky or his direct associates involved in a protest or action that involved a single gun or bullet, during his entire life?
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Still no attribution of where Alinsky wrote this which was my original question.

"That's because a lot of the Democrat Party is made of Marxists. Remember what Saul Alinsky emphasized ? He said for the Marxists to have an effect in the USA that they had to take over a major political party and not some fringe party (ie.., Green Party, etc.)."
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Eric Holder says
This was not in the "Rules for Radicals" for sure.

I know damn well it wasn't, I was probing to see if the person attributing quotes to Alinsky was actually familiar with his works or just using the name as a snarl word. Someone else hopped in with three completely unrelated Alinsky quotes attempting to make him look bad but instead equivocating him with Ghandi.

BLM and Antifa are NOT following the writings of Saul Alinsky, or for that matter, Martin Luther King.
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Onvacation says
If you think Alinsky and Marxism is OK then you probably view Biden as a step towards the "workers paradise".

A fractally wrong understanding of my worldview. It does communicate a lot about your presuppositions and biases.

Eric Holder says
Maybe it was in some other book? Or article?

Or maybe it was made up out of whole cloth by someone who benefits from you being skeptical of Alinsky? He was relatively obscure until critics of Obama made him a household name again. He became a renewed threat to the powers that be as at least one right wing author rewrote his book for conservatives, which helped empower the Tea Party among other conservative movements.
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NDrLoR says
Saul-Patron Saint of Losers-Alinsky

Most critics of Alinsky think they are in a class above "his audience" and dismiss him on that basis. Alinsky addressed this, it's not a simple battle between haves and have-nots. The category of "Have a little, want more" encompasses much of the middle class, who are considered by those above them in the economic fuckpile as "poor people with higher debt numbers." This is how the oligarch class easily gets huge numbers of rank and file Republicans strongly polarized to work against their own interests. A great example is when the estate tax enters the public debate and most of the vocal critics are people whose entire extended family will never accumulate an estate approaching $3MM 3 generations before or after now.

If you approved of the Tea Party, you approve of Saul Alinsky and his techniques.
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Patrick, this thread is a case study in "understanding partisan divide."

Someone made up an Alinsky quote and was called out on it. Notice the variety of techniques used in the thread to do anything other than acknowledge and correct the falsehood.
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Brd6 says
People should check their quotes

Should go without saying. People should also lose face and credibility among their peers for presenting falsehoods. However, people whose ego and partisan validation is more important than facts and truth willfully ignore such transgressions if they were intended to benefit "their" political sportsball side. Again: Alinsky's book was rewritten more than once for right wing, conservative activists.

Karloff says
Alinsky sure seemed to encourage to his followers that Leftist brand of infiltration into churches, unions, and political parties

You're injecting pure ignorance based falsehood into the discussion on the strength of "sure seemed to." In the foreward to book mentioned, Alinsky unapologetically works from a left point of view, but makes clear that his techniques work for groups of humans seeking to wrest power regardless of their ideology, beliefs, or intentions. A point that is hammered on throughout the book is that organizers coming into a community derive authority from the community itself requesting their assistance. He argued and gave examples and anecdotes that not only is it morally/ethically problematic, it is poor strategy to give even the perception that you're lecturing or imposing outside beliefs, because it is unsustainable and will backfire on the organizer and undermine or completely thwart goals.

Alinsky was specifically against a small or singular charismatic top-down leadership, in favor of strengthening the ties and power of existing community groups while maintaining their broadly based and diverse existing leadership structures.

I think part of the perception problem here is this. It's baked into the nature of conservatism to be homogenous and shun people and ways that are new or different. They tend to project elements of their own thought processes onto liberal people and organizations, and fail to grasp the inner workings of groups that are diverse with a big tent mindset.

Elements of "communism and socialism" work quite well in small scale intentional communities and groups, up to Dunbar's Number. They absolutely DON'T scale up to run diverse societies and larger non-interconnected populations. Beware of letting valid fear of the latter transfer to automatic distrust and hostility toward the former.
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Dholliday126 says
I'm sure all these left wing organizations are funded in some part by China.

Much more plausible than Soros funding everything. Asserted often, proven never.
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Ceffer says
Having seen many protesters up close and personal, I can attest that they are just out to fuck something up and have no viable or long lasting political beliefs.

This is what I keep telling people who claim rioters and looters are "the left." Same with claims of legions of bums and welfare recipients with the long term vision and gumption to allegedly stuff ballot boxes across multiple polling places.
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This cornucopian attitude is necessary to laissez-faire capitalism which must expand like a rat utopia till all is consumed and all will and motivations are ground down to nothing. Hardcore religious and ethnonationalists are big on high birthrates = good.
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mell says
I see only wommyn fleeing in panic.

Maybe they'll learn to start carrying soup cans in their purses if this is how it's going to be.
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mell says
I'd love it if a womyn would put those punks into place

Not only that, if the women at the table fought back against their lone attacker, they would be inverting the situation where the woman provocateur is protected from force by men. Now the man is in the position of watching his protectee get the shit beaten out of her with his hands tied because instead of a black man protecting a black woman from white men, suddenly he'd appear as a black man attacking white women.
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It actually makes sense for a gym to remain available for the people already working within the same building as each other. If they went out in a great exercise diaspora around the city they'd be much more likely to vector covid back in to the group.

False equivalence to Nancy Dipshit Pelosi's visit to a hair salon.
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Another case of "Who the fuck is every single named person in this story?"
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Yesterday was orange and smoky smelling in Frazier Park, in the mountains South of Bakersfield. Sun was dull orange in the sky till well past 10am.
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My last GF was Mexican and I had to put my foot down and flat-out refuse to go to 90% of the weekend events staged by her extended family. At one point I lost my cool with her because she had scheduled us to go to some pre-Christmas family cookie making gathering which I moved heaven and earth off my calendar for, only to decide while out at dinner 15 minutes before, "Oh, let's just not go to that."

She claimed she understood, but literally days later she wanted me to split yet another weekend into two useless halves to attend a gender reveal party for a cousin and her boyfriend with no plans to marry. Thus began the end days of that relationship.
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The Echo CS490 with 20" bar and full tooth chain is quite effective at throwing wood chips the size of hash browns, and running off protestors and other ruffians. It usually starts by the second or third pull after long storage, and unlike consumer grade saws will spin up to near full power right away from cold.
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Of course Maxine Waters avoids a public debate with this well spoken man. She talks like she's had multiple strokes and would struggle in a 5th grade mock civics debate. IDK why she is popular among her constituents but it was funny as hell watching the man confront campaigners who were obviously brain dead sign holder level people, not ideologues working out of a lofty sense of duty to principles.
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Just once I'd like to see an out of state pundit present a detailed plan for "managing" oak-grass-scrub land. Very sick of drive by assholes dropping some "Californians R dumb mow ur lawn lol" remark while tacitly supporting backroom deals to timber companies and having zero clue what they are talking about.
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I've met a lot of Pacific Islander women, and have yet for a single one to impress me with her intelligence. This program is monumentally foolish because every fertile female who sees it will think "Free thousand bucks!" not "Lifetime 6 figure cost of having a child."

Like the bounty on cobras in India, this will result in a massive boost to the underlying issue, and badly worsen whatever problem it intended to solve. It will result in a massive increase of pregnancies by people who can't afford them and don't care, and little else in the big picture.
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When fires routinely jump 10 lane paved highways, I'd like to know what "preparation" and "better management" people have in mind when they demand that.

Right now the Bobcat fire is burning through land that was left a moonscape barely a decade ago in the Station fire.

"Forest management" in practice means "Let logging companies take out all the large old trees while doing fuck-all for actual fire suppression." Residents of Cuddy Valley near my mountain property have been fighting one of these programs.
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Great, I hope this turns into a media circus and public backlash against her.
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Why does this article internalize Trump's narcissism and self-aggrandizement?

"an agenda to keep Trump's zinc aspect from consideration"
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I've occasionally pondered what morbidly obese lesbians DO together? If you're a man you can take shallow breaths and plunge your dick into the swamps of Dagobah for some pumpy-pumpy. In the case of two fat lesbians, at least one has to go in deep and personal for the team. (shudders)
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Ceffer says
giving them a lot of credit for giving a shit.

Most of the rioters are probably 90IQ dropouts and impulsive brainless drones. Attributing long term planning and action toward distant and abstract goals to them is laughable. Dipshits acting out impulsively is what drives riots and looting.
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TrumpingTits says
1,000 megawatts of wind power dropping off because the wind stopped blowing faster than a Kamala Harris blow job constitutes a generation problem.

In the past we didn't have enough transmission capacity to import power when needed. Now there is plenty of transmission capacity, and the variable nature of renewables is accounted for in the planning of generating capacity. The recent power shortages were a result of out of state providers choosing not to sell to California until the price ballooned well above normal market rates. Show a list of power plant owner operators that are Democrats if you wish to assert Democrats are to blame.

just_adhom_preaching says
I'll tell you what. If I lived in the next state over and I saw knuckleheads doing what they're doing here I sure as shit would raise the prices on them as high as I legally fucking can

Nice when you spell out your corrupt morals and ethics while blaming "other political party" for the outcomes of the behavior you glorify and identify with. Good to see exactly who we're hearing from.

HeadSet says
So did the energy hoarders shut down generating capacity? Or did they find some way to store electricity in a capacitor until the price goes up?

They had "spinning reserve" available, meaning currently operating plants had generating capacity well above current local demand. They were hoping to play the Enron game of selling power for many multiples of market price, expecting utilities to buy it no matter the cost just to keep the lights on. This drove PG&E and Edison into bankruptcy, and they had to sell off their long distance transmission infastructure as part of their bailout. Blackouts suck, but I'm glad they didn't pay price gougers this time.
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mell says
Easy. Controlled burns of underbrush and periodic logging of areas that prevent fires from jumping.

"Easy!" says the guy who obviously has zero expertise in wildland management. Do you even read the post you responded to? Uncontrolled 100% burned areas are burning again today. Fire jumped the 101 freeway in the same area near Calabasas 2 years in a row. It would probably be less costly and difficult to bring 50 cubic miles of water from the asteroid belt to Earth than to 100% "rake" millions of acres of wild land for 1 year, much less every year forever.

NoCoupForYou says
The Indians native to California (and indeed, across the Midwest and Northeast too) regularly burned the prairie and forests to prevent fires and manage the forests.

Oh please. When conservatives start spouting far left Earth First level propaganda to support the cause du jour it's especially pathetic. They set fires just to flush out game, with no means to control much less extinguish them once set. They "used every part of the animal" not so much out of respect for nature as economic necessity dictated by their hunter gatherer social structure and lack of technology and surplus.

The Western US has been getting gradually more and more arid over millenia, and anthropogenic global warming has accelerated the process within our own lifetimes. "controlled burns" would have very different outcomes 500, even 100 years ago. Check out the average age and replacement rates of plants like pinyon or bristlecone pines and joshua trees.
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just_adhom_preaching says
He has such a punch-able face.

He always looks like he just smelled a fart and is mildly confused by this. Other than that pure ad hom remark I don't enjoy watching clips of him so I click away.
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Patrick, have you read up on the age distribution of species like sequoia sempervirens, bristlecone pine, and joshua trees? What does this tell you about the viability of forests during ancient wildfires versus modern ones?

Also, let's see a comprehensive and fully cost estimated plan for how oak-grass-chapparal land (where many of the states fires burn) can and should be "managed" in order to provide viable cost effective fire prevention.

It disgusts me hearing people quip "Rake your lawn!" or other asinine talking points while possessing fuck-all knowledge of actual fuel management strategies.
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Onvacation says
How would you manage forests?

"no u" is not a response or rebuttal. I therefore dismiss you as a non player on this topic until you bring relevant facts brought to the table.
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mell says
just accept occams razor which dictates

That's not how Occam's Razor works.
mell says
Yes I do know more than them

Knowledge of wildland management and details of fire mitigation practices relevant to numerous unique ecosystems never seems to matter to most people who opine on this topic, much less enter their discussion.

Areas of Ventura burned to a moonscape 2 years in a row jumping the 101 freeway both times. Right now the bobcat fire is burning out of control through inaccessibly steep and rugged areas that were burned to moonscape 11ish years ago. I expect people to address this in their proposed remedies, and those who offer "rake yer lawn" place a high burden upon themselves to prove afterward that they are not an idiot.
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