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4   cisTits   2023 Mar 23, 2:53pm  

This one wins 'Best Presentation':

7   Shaman   2023 Mar 22, 8:27am  

I keep telling my kids that choosing a life partner is the single most important decision they will ever make. So be freaking meticulous about that shit! Don’t just get married because she’s hot or he’s tall and has a good job. Get married to the right person for you.
All my kids are good looking, so they should never feel like they should have to settle for a crazy hot chick. Get a sane hot chick instead, with a good work ethic and good with kids. That’s what you want in a wife. It’s what I held out for, and it’s been a decision I can live with. It’s nice having someone to count on, someone on my team with whom I can celebrate all our wins as they are wins for the team not just us as individuals. We can collaborate on raising the kids, do couples dates, and generally do life together.
That’s my favorite part of marriage. It’s not all about the ass.
10   cisTits   2023 Mar 20, 6:17am  

The blonde on the right is my fave of the week so far.

11   Onvacation   2023 Mar 19, 8:37am  

WookieMan says

The people locked up knew the risk when they did it.

Seriously? After the "summer of love" BLM looting and all of the other times the capitol has been "occupied" you think people that have been arrested for "trespassing" after being let in by the police should rot in jail without speedy trial or due process?

Rhetorical questions not expecting cogent answers.

12   Onvacation   2023 Mar 24, 5:50am  

Is this how you're monetizing patnet?
17   Patrick   2023 Mar 19, 10:47pm  

As they say, "It's a no-brainer!"
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