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Jack's Memorial Day Message 2019

By ohomen171 following x   2019 May 27, 5:06am 245 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

#memorialday:On March 19,1967, I joined the US Navy while still in high school. Was I brimming with patriotism? Was I eager to fight the North Vietnamese? No I wanted to make sure that I never made it to the USMC where I had a good chance of getting killed. It was a desperate move to save my life. In 1971, I became one of the 5,500 US Navy sailors to win the Purple
Heart 1963-1975. I almost got killed. The US Navy trained me well for later life. Each of my commanding officers was a wonderful and a special man. (Commander Jack C Kittrell, Lt. Mike Tackney, and Captain Al Robinson.)
I thank every man and woman who joined the US armed services and risked life and limb to fight for this country. Most of you weren't heroes..Most of you were scared to death at one time or another during your service. Thank you for stepping up and suffering. You are appreciated.

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