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Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Refers Twisted Dry Drunk Kavanaugh's Acts of Lurid and Wanton Judicial Misconduct for Official Investigation

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Embarrassed and revulsed by the prospect of a twisted dry drunk failed rapist self-pitying crying man child Kavanaugh sitting on the Supreme Court, worthless neofascist magistrate John Roberts has referred a dozen complaints of lurid, wanton and criminally insane acts of vile judicial misconduct to a panel that will hopefully result in Kavanaugh being raped to death by legions of IHLs wielding barbed wire strap on dildos, exactly as the Founding Fathers would have wanted.

This demented twink is going down!
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Member of SCOTUS must display the highest standards of decorum, restraint, morality, courtesy, objectivity, impeccable rectitude, and staid solemnity.

Otherwise, nine clowns in robes can't convince the people that they are high priests of complex intellect, instead of manufacturers of tons of outlandishly expensive paper through an absurd, expensive appeals process, enriching lawyers as long and inefficiently as possible at the enormous cost to their clients.

After the legal maws are fully satiated with expense, people must believe that something important and profound has happened rather than an arbitrary decision swimming in a sea of bullshit.

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