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Free trade puts Republican megadonors on collision course with Trump

By Heraclitusstudent following x   2018 Jun 4, 4:41pm 1,244 views   4 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

No surprise there I guess.
Who profits most from trade, even when it goes against the countries overall interests?
Who influences most the media and the political establishment?
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Yes, both the Republican and Democrat elite are all about slowly strangling ordinary Americans by outsourcing their jobs and insourcing illegal labor.

Wages for the working man are pushed lower by both of those treasonous policies. And that's exactly the goal: more for the elite, and less for working people.

Trump is an unexpected speed bump on their path to national destruction.

God bless Donald Trump. May we get many more presidents like him.
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rando says
God bless Donald Trump. May we get many more presidents like him.

People are starting to see beyond Trump which is a good thing. It's not about what anyone thinks of Trump before he became President, he's doing great things. People especially notice that he is draining the Swamp and they are scared he wont succeed and not get them all. They don't give a shit about any of Trump's policies, one way or the other, not a single one, except for drain the Swamp. They are rooting for him to clean up Washington. Or the Establishment Ruling Elite situation we had will comeback tenfold with a vengeance.
These are old school Latin people telling me this.
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Aphroman says
I feel like Trump has been the ultimate Koch Republican wet dream president so far

That's so cheap and easy to say it just rolls off the Tongue. The Kochs bros are Pro Establishment even if it means jumping on the Soros train.
Soros has been the Boogieman vermin this political cycle. The Kochs brothers have only been by standers trying to trip Trump up as he walks by on everything he does.

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