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"none of the promises that have been made to you will be kept."

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But Republicans & Democrats still believe.

"This includes explicit promises to provide income security and healthcare entitlements, etc., and implicit promises that don't need to be stated: a currency that holds its value, high-functioning public infrastructure, etc."

"To reward cronies and win elections, politcos promise everyone more of everything. Major campaign donors are promised tax breaks; powerful corporations are promised government-mandated cartels or monopolies. Private banks are promised cheap credit. Public unions are promised higher wages and heftier benefits. Voters are promised more infrastructure, more education and social spending, and more entitlements."

"Funding all these ever-expanding promises with cash would require higher taxes. Any attempt to trim the gravy train promised to one group will arouse that constituency to a frenzy of lobbying and noisy proclamations of disaster if even a penny of their promised gravy train is cut."

All the American SOCIALISTS can't have what they want if they aren't willing to pay for it.

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All the American SOCIALISTS can't have what they want

A different word applies if only the few richest are harvesting the economic good of the population.

The problem with democracy all throughout history is that it degrades into facism as it definitely has done in America at this time, although not quite a dictatorship as of this morning. Is it yet?

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