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Boston Terrorist Sends White Powder to Don Junior

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The suspicious letter that sent President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law to a Manhattan hospital was postmarked from Boston and appeared to contain corn starch, multiple senior law enforcement officials told NBC News.

The letter was addressed to Vanessa Trump's husband, Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, officials said.

Vanessa Trump and two other people were taken to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center strictly as a precaution.

The NYPD said the white powder in the envelope was deemed to be non-hazardous and was taken to a lab for further analysis. More testing is being done, but officials said it appeared the substance was harmless corn starch.

"How disturbed must a person be to do what they did to a mother of five children?'' Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal attorney, said in a statement. "This dangerous and reckless act goes beyond political differences."

The Secret Service said it was investigating and would have no further comment.

Residents who exited the 54th Street building were shocked by the incident.

David Schnall, a 52-year-old lawyer who lives in the building, called the incident "horrible," and said he's "upset it happened."

Schnall also said, "The media is inflaming a lot of hysteria with regard to Trump and this is just a product of that. There is an inflammation of hatred towards the president and anything to do with him, and hopefully this will be a signal for people to stop."

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TwoScoopsPlissken says
The media is inflaming a lot of hysteria with regard to Trump

Yup. The press hardly do anything else these days.

Issues don't even seem to register in the press by comparison with the daily dose of hate for Trump. Not healthy.
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I'm actually surprised, based on that family's high profile, that their mail isn't pre-screened for stuff like this.

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