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Nothing says "draining the swamp" like wanting to bring back earmarks

By HappyGilmore following x   2018 Jan 10, 11:46am 932 views   2 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

"In a week consumed by infighting over immigration, it was Trump’s unexpected affirmation of pork-barrel spending that had Washington spinning."
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Say what you want Pork Barrel Earmarks is what fills the Want Ads.
And more importantly has had a proven track record of getting legislation passed that was good for more people.
It helped lubricate deals to get legislation passed that would have floundered otherwise. If we had earmarks today, Trump would have gotten all of his agenda passed in the first year.
Just based on experience and practice alone, it worked better than when they stopped it.
That sounds illogical, but at least things used to get done. And the resulting legislation was more comprehensive and more affective. Rather than vague that only a few qualify for the terms temporarily if it passes at all. Besides it's great Job creators for all States. That's why they liked to pass so many laws with them. So many states get a turn to tack on Earmarks.
It's spending that would be spent in China and elsewhere abroad anyway.

Clinton would have been a Lame Duck President without them. You're not being honest with yourself if you don't realize that.
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"Pork Barrel Earmarks" supported by Redistribution Socialism.

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