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Lindsey is feeling it.
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Goran_K says
but the Bay Area, especially San Francisco has been a giant shit hole for many years.
When Art Agnos was mayor of San Francisco in the late '80's, the city had a terrible homeless crisis. There were even homeless shanty towns surrounding city hall, and in the park across the street. Merchants were fuming as shoppers and tourists stayed away. Agnos was replaced by Frank Jordan, the chief of police in San Francisco who resigned to run for mayor. The Jordan administration came up with plans to move the homeless, including by ferry to house them on Angel Island. To this day, the rash of ferry sinkings has never been explained, but the homeless folks were removed.
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anon_8f378 says
"There have been 59 bankers convicted of crimes, including two executives at NOVA Bank in Philadelphia who were convicted on Wednesday of fraud conspiracy related to TARP funds. An additional 19 bankers have been charged with crimes, with many awaiting trials.
Nonsense. The link primarily discusses TARP funds abuses. No one went to jail for knowingly creating and selling fraudulent securities. Or giving them bogus ratings. Even money laundering for terrorists and Mexican drug cartels would not be prosecuted by Holder. And there was the Treasury Secretary who presided over Goldman Sachs when they committed fraud of such magnitude that they had to pay a $5 billion settlement.
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Regarding bubbles, the Great Depression 2 was caused by inflated home prices, the result of false demand from unqualified buyers. Now we have inflated home prices caused by very low interest rates. Rates are going up, making the mortgage payment go up. Demand will drop, and prices, too. Recall from the Great Depression 2, that even folk who could pay their mortgages walked away when home prices dropped, and their "investment" became underwater. Stay tuned.
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The secret police, at the behest of a political party, with bogus supporting evidence, obtain a warrant to spy on a citizen. Soviet Union?
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HowdyThere says
I was thinking about the difference in opinions on racism. It seems like the average white person thinks it's on the decline
I think folks have to get real and ask why are certain countries are so ass backwards and continually developmentally behind others.
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anon_1a0c3 says
It's not unsolved, her death was determined to be accidental. She had a pre-existing medical condition that caused her to lose consciousness and she hit her head as she fell. Google it.

Please provide a link. Curious to learn more.

Here is one that would cast doubt on your claim.

FORT WALTON BEACH,FL. - Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old office worker for Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-Fl), was found dead in the congressman's district office. Police said preliminary findings from the medical examiner's office showed no foul play or any outward indication of suicide."

Unbelievably, that was it. The story was simply dropped. A young female employee of one of Florida's Congressmen had died unexpectedly in the Congressman's office. There were no witnesses to her death and the cause of death was not apparent. Klausutis' boss, Joe Scarborough had recently resigned from Congress prematurely and unexpectedly, amid rumors about his marital fidelity and soon after a divorce. Hehad also abruptly resigned as publisher of the Independent Florida Sun, claiming that resigning from Congress and as publisher was necessary to spend more time with his sons.

Such circumstances make one pause. Sick to death of the clear bias of the corporate owned media, and suspicious of the odd nature of this death, we began to dig for answers. The more information we discovered, the more unlikely, and the morenewsworthy the story became.

Here are the facts. Lori Klausutis had a seemingly happy life. A devoted husband who listed on his online homepage "being married toLori" as one of the honors he enjoyed, a new home in Niceville and a Catholic congregation where she was a cantor and in whose choir she sang, were some of the elements of the Good Life she enjoyed. Her husband, Dr. Timothy Klausutis, did research and development for the munitions group at nearby Eglin Air Force Base, where he presumably made a good livelihood. Although Lori hailed from the Atlanta, Georgia area where she had attended school, there were numerous family members in the area. According to her obituary in the Fort Walton Daily News, Lori had served as President and, later, Treasurer, for the Emerald Coast Young Republicans and as a aide to Congressman Scarborough, she was active during the Florida recounts. A former neighbor, Barbara Cromer,said "Every morning, I would see her run while I walked. We'd wave to each other as we passed. I loved Lori so much. She was wonderful. She was a kind, generous person, so sweet.

Then, on Friday, July 20th, the body of Lori Klausutis, 28, was found slumped next to a desk on the floor of Florida Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach office where Lori had served as a constituent services coordinator since May, 1999. Her body was found around 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning by a couple arriving for an appointment. She had been dead for some time. A second employee, who would have normally arrived for work at around the same time, was away on vacation. Police cordoned off the area for investigation, later announcing that there was no reason to suspect foul play, nor were there signs of suicide.

Scarborough's office released a statement several hours after the discovery:

"My staff and family are greatly saddened by the loss of Lori Klausutis. I know Lori will be missedby the thousands of citizens who regularly contact my office to seek assistance with a variety of problems. May God grant Lori's family the grace, comfort and hope that will get them through this difficult time."

The Congressman returned to Florida that same day, and his office was quick to point out that it was not unusual for him to fly home for the weekend.

There was a great deal of ambiguity over whether Lori had suffered past medical problems. Scarborough's press secretary, Miguel Serrano, made mention of health problems in Lori's past, but could not be more specific. In response, Fort Walton Beach Police Chief Steve Hogue is quoted as saying "That's part of our investigation, checking into her medical history." Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Berkland said "She had a past medical history that was significant,but it remains to be seen whether that played a role in her death". Soon after a member of the immediate family rejected out of hand that Lori had any significant medical problems. She was, in fact, quite an athlete, having recently run an 8K with a veryrespectable time and she belonged to the Northwest Florida Track Club.

The results of the mandated autopsy, however, were deemed "inconclusive" by Dr. Berkland, who ordered more specific toxicology tests. These results were expected by the middle of the following week, around the first or second day of August. Dr. Berkland commented at the time "This turns over several puzzle pieces in the case of her death and reveals more of the picture".

Welcome to the Wheel of Fortune.

MichaelBerkland, it turns out, has a very interesting background himself. Recently relocated to Florida, it is a matter of public record that Dr. Berkland's medical license in the state of Missouri was revoked in 1998 as a result of Berkland reporting false information regarding brain tissue samples in a 1996 autopsy report. Berkland does not deny the charges.

It's also a matter of public record that he was suspended from his position as Medical Examiner in the State of Florida in July, 1999.

Quincy, he's not.

Repeated requests to Dr. Stephen Nelson, Chairman of the Medical Examiners Commission, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, have failed to verify that Dr. Berkland's suspension was lifted and that his licensure and disciplinary record are clear at the present time. Dr. Nelson was appointed Chairman of the Commission by Governor Jeb Bush.

As for Lori Klausutis, rumors began to swirl as time passed with no resolution to the case, rumors that included whispers of suicide, some emanating from inside the Beltway. Family members, angered at what they considered unfair and exploitive coverage wrote the editor of the Northwest Florida Daily News,Ralph Routon, saying "For those who knew Lori, the thought of suicide, as your published reports suggested, is absolutely unthinkable. Suicide was contrary to her faith and being. She did not suffer from seizures, nor did she have a history of medical problems." Meanwhile, the final report has been issued that Lori died as a result of a blow to the head because an undiagnosed heart condition caused her to collapse and fall, hitting her head on the desk.

The initial reports from the Medical Examiner's office denied any trauma to the body that would indicate cause of death. But Berkland acknowledged on Monday, August 6th, that Lori had sustained a "scratch and a bruise" on her head and that his original denials were to prevent undue speculation about the cause of death. "The last thing we wanted was 40 questions about a head injury", he said.

And so, what we have here is the death of a healthy young woman who died of a blow to the head and a lie from the Medical Director's office about this blow which was quite obvious to the naked eye. They then had to go search for some reason why she might have "fallen" and hit her head. And they have found an "undiagnosed cardiac arrhythmia". But a number of questions remain to be answered, and we have requested opinions from Dr. Nelson, the Chairman of the Medical Examiners Commission.

The questions are:

- Were Lori's medical records thoroughly examinedfor any evidence of the pre-existing heart condition? It would seem that someone must have examined her heart if she ran 8Ks.

- Did Dr. Berkland personally examine the site of death in undisturbed condition in order to support his later conclusion that the physical evidence was compatible with his later conclusions?

Presumably the heart valve condition alluded to is Mitral Valve Prolapse. This may be associated with arrhythmias, but rarely with VTach (ventricular tachycardia) or VFib (ventricular fibrillation), the only arrhythmias which would stop the flow of blood to the brain.

Generally, with syncope of whatever cause the "guarding reflex", wherein one raises a hand to protect the head, is preserved.

There are several problems with the head injury. Generally, for a closed head injury to cause bleeding inside the skull, there is a much more severe injury on the outside of the skull. Do the autopsy notes, indeed, describe such a severe injury on the outside of the skull? In fact, the only closed head injury which usually may cause bleeding inside the skull involves a fracture of the temporal bone, with rupture of the underlying artery. The most important discrepancy that should be answered is how intracranial bleeding could continue if the cardiac arrhythmia had caused a cessation of blood flow to the brain!

- Were the toxicology studies entirely negative? Was there evidence of any legal or illegal substance in the blood stream which could have caused her to lose consciousness?

- Was she pregnant? If so, were fetal blood specimens obtained to determine paternity?

These are the questions being asked by some in the medical community of Dr. Stephen Nelson and Dr. Michael Berkland, and they continue to go unanswered.

Why is there a complete media blackout on this story? Why thecomplete preoccupation with the similar but largely speculative Condit/Levy story? What does this say about the state of our press? What does corporate ownership of the press do to what gets to be news? How much of what we think we know as fact is actually based on selective and distorted reporting? How does that "fair and balanced" cable network explain the complete hypocrisy and contempt for truth in their handling of these two similar tales? Will we ever know the truth of how Lori Klausutis died?
Three Pivotal Questions
by the Editors

September 1, 2001 (APJP) -- Over at The American Prospect's message board thread concerning this very article, Phoenix Woman has asked a trolling Scarborough "defender" three pivotal questions. We'd love to know the answers ourselves:

1) If Lori's death was just a simple accident, then why did Rep. Scarborough and his spokesman Miguel Serrano feel the need to go to two different local TV stations within three hours of her body's being found and invent a nonexistent history of chronic medical conditions for
her -- in other words, why did they feel the need to lie about Lori's health?

2) Would you trust without question the word of a Medical Examiner who lost his ME license in two separate states (Missouri and Florida) because he LIED about his autopsy work (for instance, saying he had autopsied some brains when he hadn't)?

3) Why should whoever wrote Ms. Klausutis's obituary feel it was appropriate to mention nearly everything about her life -- EXCEPT where she'd been working since 1999?
A recent check of the Young Republican's web site found no mention of Lori or her contributions, nor any tribute to her memory nor comments about her passing. In fact, you will find no mention of her at all. If you go to The Pensacola News Journal's online pages, one of thefew papers that actually covered the story, and search the site for "Klausutis" you will come up empty, even though the same search will pull up numerous stories matching "Scarborough". It seems as though someone wants to erase all traces of Lori Klausutis from the record and bury the story with her.

It's an increasingly puzzling case. We are reminded of the famous Kitty Genovese case, in New York, in 1964, wherea young woman pleaded for her life over the period of 30 minutes, while neighbors ignored her cries. The assailant returned three times to stab her. With Lori Klausutis, it seems possible that a corrupt North Florida establishment is determined to keep the lid on the case, even if that means silencing the news. And our esteemed news media, from the supposed mainstream liberal press stalwarts to the near delusional on air shouters of the channel that just reports so that you can decide, willingly turn theother way and ignore Lori Klausutis. But they continue to chatter endlessly in speculation over Chandra Levy. In so doing, they ignore the cries of truth, they deny their viewers access to the truth and they utterly, once and for all, betray our faith and trust in the media.
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anon_3b28c says
Not sure a post from a 247 sports Okla St. fanboard is a great source.
Better than yours so far.
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anon_1a0c3 says
uthorities determined 16 years ago that she died after losing consciousness

Fake News! :>)
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TwoScoopsPlissken says
Probably my least favorite forms of music is Folk Music

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Build that wall!
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Washington state is screwing it's citizens over by refusing to adhere to the fed's proof of citizenship requirement for getting a driver's license so folks like this can drive. Yes, I suppose he could have been driving without a license, but he might have been apprehended for that and deported.
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anonymous says
Moist and Tender Baked Pork Chops.
Simple recipe which is good. I love pork chops, and usually oven bake after searing. Recently I make a nice sauce from sun dried tomatoes, heavy cream, garlic, etc. Lots of recipes on line. Puree everything with an immersion blender. C'est magnifique.
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You see, without Prop 13, Granny, who owns her home outright, and may live for another 10-20 years, can't afford to pay taxes on her million dollar crapshack. If only she knew about home equity loans.
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anonymous says
“I hope the president invites his old service buddies to watch with him.”

Tee hee. But a lot of young men on both sides of the aisle tried to get out of going to Vietnam. Disproportionately, the working class fought that war. And is was a dark day in American history when the returning veterans were treated like shit.
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The ladies like it.
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bob2356 says
Why is Iran's ambition to project power bad

Because they are the Raiders and we are the Patriots.
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BlueSardine says
This is the critical thinking you get when your only news source is CNN...
I think Salami is more a Morning Joe guy.
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Taunts of "Oscar Meyer" turned him against the West.
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They killed Kenny.

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IS it racism that the Obamas chose two black artists to do their portraits? Black pride?
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Food Stamp Demographics
White 40.2%
Black 25.7%
Spanish Indian 10.3%
Asian 2.1%
Non-Spanish Indian 1.2%

US Demographics
White 61.3%
Black 13.3%
Spanish Indian 17.8%
Asian 6.0%
Non-Spanish Indian 0.8%

Clearly black Americans receive food stamps disproportionately to their representation in the population.
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errc says
60% more whites than blacks tho

Food stamp use/population
White: 0.65
Black: 1.92
Spanish Indian: 0.57
Asian: 0.35
Non-Spanish Indian: 1.5

Blacks are worse than American Indians.
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It's OK to be attractive but does she know teenage boys from around the world are whacking off to her?
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jvolstad says

What about maxing out SS?
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Booger says
You can retire any time that you can afford to, and not collect SS until you are 70.
You are correct, but I never think that way. But you'd have to have your 35 years under your belt. "Your retirement benefit is based on your highest 35 years of earnings and your age when you start receiving benefits."

Another question is - how much do you need to live on yearly when you are retied?
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Ceffer says
She's going for the gold: a metric ton of sprayed ejaculate.

You can look but you can't touch. Don't I get you hot, boys?
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Rin says
Willy, let me tell you something about the great Law School at Harvard
I believe you, Rin. She used her false claims of being a persecuted minority to advance her career. Why wouldn't she release the results of her ancestry DNA tests? No one would assume she were an Indian, and she would never suffer discrimination directed towards Indians as she is by all appearances, whiter than whitebread.
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Sotomayor entered Princeton University on a full scholarship, by her own later description gaining admission in part due to her achievements in high school and in part because affirmative action made up for her standardized test scores not being fully comparable to those of other applicants.

What type of documentation did she have to provide. Was she on a tribal register?
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I dunno. The Lexus ad is a hoot. The actress playing his sister sounds and looks like a ninny, and so the ad is a turn-off and perhaps unintentionally hilarious.
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How is this any different than folks here who had posted anti-Hillary stuff and ..... Hey, wait a minute!
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CajunSteve says
"Must they run their mouths like that"

Please describe how this is racist.
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CajunSteve says
The comment clearly implied that the opinions of blacks or black athletes aren't worthy of discussion and that they need to know their place
If you are triggered to see racism behind every corner, then your bias would have you seeing implications in remarks that others would see as neutral. Try this: The comment clearly implied that the uninformed opinions of athletes aren't worthy of discussion.