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Bring a bunch of homeless and set up a camp.
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Fucking Putin!
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Rachel Madow toxicosis. Know the warning signs.
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Steele dossier. Nuff said.
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Yes. Who paid for the delivery of el nino?
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You have a thoughtful wife. Looks OK. You might find simila pride in growing ganja. Cheap wine pick: 2014 Marchesi di Barolo del Monferrato Maraia. Jammy!
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Is she studying for the priesthood?
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lostand confused says
liberals seem to put skin color above all else-the worst thing-
You’ve hit it! They are the “good racists” but racists, nonetheless. Overcompensating to the extreme. And so their forbidden thoughts must be punished in everyone, in fact, even the very hint of such thoughts. In fact, pre-emptive measures must be radically adopted. Oh, dirty, dirty!!!!
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He offends me so.
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Just the tip of the iceberg in homesexual, pedophile priest abuse. Think the recently sainted pope didn’t know about it?
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My interpretation is absolute!!!!! Submit!!!!
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When you realize it’s all about scoring points for your next run, it all makes sense. Catering to an existing market, which is stoked by the left wing media. The sheeple are soothed and lapse into a drooled slumber....
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Wine, wine, wine.

Bold and full of flavor: Zinfandels (red), Malbecs and their Italian equivalent, Primitivo. Barberas, too.

I am cheap so try to keep it at around $20/bottle.
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Meaningless story without camo beaver shots, m134 firing jiggly boobs, etc.
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“....coordinator of the Office for Extern and International Priests.”

Clearly a misunderstanding of the job responsibilities.

Likely a language issue.

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WookieMan says
but wine makes me an ass hole when I have too much.
A few lines of fentanyl laced coke will take the edge off.
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Stand your ground!
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Is THC water soluble? I know it is fat soluble.
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His statements run contrary to the beliefs of the brainwashed, white privelege apologist cucks, whose self flagellation is rendered absurd by Trump’s agenda, and so he must be condemned, else they would seem to be insane and mocked as victims of their own self-deception.
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Masturbating will get you 10 years in Alabama.
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WookieMan says
What Are You Drinking Today?
The blood of my vanquished enemies.
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This isn’t about reality or fair play. Allegations of sexual assault is the new hypersonic weapon, and the Dems will do whatever it takes. Assassinate a man’s character? No problem. Despicable liars. These types of games can then be played against them. And they accuse Trump of childish, spiteful behavior.
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She lapped up Stormy Daniels twat as an uncredited extra in Operation Desert Stormy!
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Yes, but he schtooped Linda Ronstadt AND Stevie Nicks.
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The blog below has conducted a vendetta-like expose of the unqualified CALPERS CEO Marcie Frost. It’s a Marx Bros movie, where Groucho fabricates his qualifications to become head of the largest public employees pension fund in the galaxy. Except Groucho will realize that he is expected to be a totally clueless fall guy. With Chico and Harpo as The Board Members.

So the real scandal is - The Money is Gone.

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Harpoon that leviathan!
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  willywonka   ignore (0)   2018 Oct 10, 11:44am   ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

You poor conservative cucks! Can’t you realize that this apparent psycho killer is merely re-enacting the horror of Cortez the Killer, and ordinarily, would have been a relatively peaceful Indian willing to only eat the hearts of the losers of a sporting event. Stoopid cucks!
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It was Booty Call, and she preempted it. This is exactly the market for the pocket Bushmaster.

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And how did Harvard know she claimed Native American ancestry? Of course practitioners of affirmative action claim that the candidate was nonetheless as qualified as anyone else, and that “race” was just one factor.....

But the path forward is clear. Everyone should claim to be Native American or Hispanic. You can be whiter than white, no problem.

In the future, racists will need to ask for a DNA report before hurling their abuse. One we are all chipped, perhaps.
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Is her purpose to warn others to plan ahead, unlike her?

If she thinks she deserves better, she better re-examine her poor assumptions.

College qualified her for nothing she wasn’t qualified for right after high school.
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Joy Villa: I'm a Republican for the first time in my life. The extreme left is out of control.

She’s a fucking “latina”? WTF does that mean, that she speaks Latin? Until she realizes she is an Indian too ashamed to say so, she is the deluded mirror image of Pocahanta Warren.
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She can’t resist going on welfare.

Elected by racists and SJW’s.
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What’s acceptable behavior? Is it OK to ask a good looking mom if she sould spare some? Maybe your coffee needs some or you just want to see her teats?
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The discussion of his policy’s dismemberment coverage should have been a giveaway.
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Saddam attacked us on 9/11! Condi Rice said so, but she had googly eyes for the Bush cock.
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I expect the Maibu residing Hollywood powers that be will relent and agree to that remake of the Green Berets starring Don, Jr., in order to get Trump to redirect the high energy weapon.

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