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Why in the old days, police would turn a blind eye to locals driving around on clean up armed with bats, brass knuckles, chains, and black jacks and reebar.
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Unless you are religious about going to the gym, id invest some in good execercise equipment and a good personal trainer.

Also consider a flash car and only giving rides to women with great legs and short skirts.
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$50 in advance for her hand on your schwantz, with additional increments of $50 until you splurt.
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We must extract more from them and separate the planners, thinkers and doers from tomorrow’s homeless heroin addicts. Keep ramping up the hamster wheel speed.
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He’s a Commie capitalist cunt craver!
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It’s a Putin plot!
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Porn is more accessible anonymously. Which also suggests splicing in a few frames of female orgasms in any video you show to suitable parties.
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CovfefeButDeadly says
i wanna eat out Elizabeth Hurley so bad.

Absolutely agree, but that’s not Liz Hurley.
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Her voice is constantly dubbed. She really sounds like Barry White after eating glass.
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Got any casting couch vids?
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Typical inflated self importance bureaucrat. More common than not. Had the cops reacted like we all might, they’d be out of a job.
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Government and Ethics. Hoo boy.

A. The Port Authority is a bi-state agency which has oversight over the region's airports, Hudson River bridges and tunnels, its ports, and other transportation facilities, including the PATH rail line. Commissioners, who are nominated by governors in New York and New Jersey to six-year appointments, do not get paid.

Q. What did she do there?

A. She was head of the Government and Ethics committee and sat on the Port Authority's Operations committee, said a Port Authority spokesman.
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A Depression would be a boon to renters. Unless they needed a job to pay rent.
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Let’s keep nukes out of the Middle East.
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Attica! Attica!
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I sense a reality show. Get me her agent!
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What drives swings in a bubble are short termers. RE speculators, home equity extractors etc. I do believe lending standards remain tight compared to anyone with a pulse. A lot of folks are predicting a hiss if a slowdown but not pop. Won’t help the sideliners. But folks have been predicting a crash for some time - insert popcorn munching porn stars gif. -
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skridlov says
It also shows how inept, moronic and idiotic Trump and his lawyer/fixer are. D
Almost as crazy as having an intern blow you or deep-sixing a knocked-up conquest. Or schtooping Marilyn and other hotties while negotiating with Kruschev.
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Getting your rocks off with a sexy babe can do wonders for self-esteem and stress. Therapeutic dogging.

Are the libruls detestable fake prude hypocrites still suffering free TDS?
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They pay for a night with a “loan agent” and tickets to see AC/DC where I am from, but cash only, preferably very small bills.
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Hitler considered the Russians to be Mongol subhumans. Of course, that is the Mexicans.
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Single payer for alll including illegals and the world’s largest military budget. Yes we can!
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If everyone had a tank, only criminals would have anti-tank weapons.
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Short-sighted parents should enslave him for his organs. Livers don’t last forever.
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UST’s zero risk 3%.
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Dude uses Twitter to complain about tech driving up home prices.
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Welfare fraud? Maybe she is black.
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zzyzzx says
willywonka says
UST’s zero risk 3%.

IMO, 3% is terrible.
Sure, but there is zero risk if you hold to maturity and if the doomsayers are right, rates should come crashing down so you can sell before maturity at a profit. 6% in a dividend stock is nice, not guaranteed, and if you go long on a dividend paying stock, you are exposed to an equity loss if the stock heads down. Ditto a basket of stocks if the market heads down. Diversification is your friend, although it comes down to risk tolerance and the personal need for short or long term returns.
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jazz_music says
The elites in a time of civil distress will retreat to their gated compounds and leave us to fend for ourselves. Our failure, our short-sightedness will immediately become apparent. The elites have already thought out of all of this ahead of time and preemptively provided for their loved ones. We were too busy to provide for contingency because it was too damn hard to make our monthly payments.
What about folks who want to go their own way? And how do you define “Elites?” I don’t want higher taxes and would like much lower capital gains. I also like single payer.
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TrumpingTits says
We create welfare communities in Central America.
The real angle is organ harvesting and boinking young, nubile natives. The rights of the seigneur which every American citizen can claim.
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jazz_music says
while a great opportunity is missed here to set up a local-based infrastructure that will be extended to the wider population under the likely conditions of civil collapse.
I’d rather be a pirate.
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A healthy dose of liquidity. The markets were seized up more than Barney Frank’s packed fudge.
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Tenpoundbass says
Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Reynolds, or even Chris Pratt.
Colin Farrel, Christian Bale.
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What kind of parents would name their weird looking kid Valerie? Bad enough he is short and has a bad James Brown wig.
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Tenpoundbass says
Condi Rice has a nice ass can I substitute?
No, sorry. Condi was never located after a group of militant bull moose Code Pink lesbians picked her up after a lecture at Stanford. And this is Obama’s posse, anyway.
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Fucking Latinos!
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Hardwood is/was schtooping the lovely Maria Cantwell.
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Flip or code, bitches!
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Bring a bunch of homeless and set up a camp.

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