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anon_728ef says
Both images are fucking tone deaf. You know you are allowed to acknowledge that. You won’t lose your Trump badge.

You're allowed to acknowledge he's celebrating the Emergency Personnel. You know that. It's okay, you won't lose your TDS Badge.
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What, nobody thinks the Media takes it easy on Big Pharma and their huge ad budget?
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Yep, previously mentally ill people were locked in the attic of a house if they were lucky, in some airless room in a ghetto flophouse if they weren't.

We can't talk about Mental Institutions because 1)Drugs Are The Cure and 2) Muh Freedom!
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And let's also talk about forcible hospitalization.

39 encounters with LEOs. Expulsion from School for violent behavior. Made death threats. Authorities alerted to social media posts where he proclaimed he'd be a pro school shooter. Bragged about torturing animals.

... and yet he wasn't forcibly hospitalized with these abundant and repeated Major Red Flags.

"Here's an idea; let's not forcibly hospitalize crazy kids who make repeated violent threats and exhibit a litany of red flag behaviors, that would be an imposition on FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS! instead, let's restrict Gun Rights for the entire population."
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anon_cf6c6 says
How many other shootings took place after people knew the shooter was trouble and did nothing?

It's missing a final square: Blame Guns!
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Strategist says
But her relief was short-lived. A few weeks later, she got a letter from her insurer, Anthem, saying that it wouldn’t cover the $4,300 ER bill because her condition didn’t meet the company’s definition of a true emergency. Instead, they said she should have called the insurer’s 24/7 online doctor service or have gone to her doctor’s office or to an urgent care center."

No way an insurer is going to convince a court that 190/120 BP isn't ER worthy.
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Wages for small business employees reporting they are raising wages at the fastest rate since 2000.

The pressure is on. Here come the real wage gains, esp. for the bottom 20%, that we ought to have had for many years. No more gaming the labor market with illegals.

Big Dem Donors and the NeverTrumpers are screaming bloody murder. "We're entitled to permalow wages!"
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Goran_K says
Fact, 3 times more people die to knives in the U.S than to rifles.

Rip up your steak with your hands, you small hands Right Wing Meateating Conservative fucks!!! The kids are getting stabbed!!!
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I'm actually willing to restrict handguns since they're really an auxillary weapon, a side arm, rather than a true militia weapon which would be a longarm. Not that it would do much good. Got to be over 30, take a Basic Firearms Safety Class/Get State CCW Permit, have several years experience with a long arm (or have completed 1 year of military service at any time).

On the other hand, Jamal Jackson and Juan Jiminez would still have access to the same .25 Auto that's been making the rounds on the Chicago or San Juan black market since Superfly was in the cinema and is linked to dozens of deaths. And the Mexican Cartels would just smuggle more in.
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LeonDurham says
And they have automatic badges. Everyone doesn't check in with a security guard.

But if you don't have a badge, the guard doesn't let you pass. And insists you get a visitor badge or register a book or otherwise identify yourself. C'mon, this is obtuse now.
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anon_8f378 says
Agreed. It is obtuse. Are you going to give every parent a badge then? And every kid?

Every employee at most 3100+ facilities has a badge, what's the problem? Badge wearing to gain access to buildings is done all over the USA Millions and Millions of Times a day.

Stop acting like it's some wild new solution; it's ubiquitous.

Remember, one dead kid is too many, right?

Obtuse is when you want to begin an entire new process to register gun owners on top of the background checks already in place, but you resist a basic, common, everyday checkpoint at a school. The same checkpoints that are found at most similar sized facilities, public or private, around the country. So many than badge scanners and badge makers have multiple competing companies fighting each other for market share.
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anon_8f378 says
Great--let's go after the black market on guns then by limiting production. That can be part of the legislation.

Nah, let's just have at least one guard controlling the entrance to schools like we do at every other similarly sized facility in the country.
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We need more TEACHERS! Thousands of them at $50k+/year!
We need to double spending in our SCHOOLS! Nothing too good for our Kids!
Increase the pensions! Increase the training budget! We need more Admins of Welcoming Diversity! Fund our schools, Evil Republicans!

"How about a security guard at the entrance?"

NOOOOO! That would cost ZILLIONS! Just add extra layers of bureaucracy to buy a gun, or better yet, Ban Semi-Auto Rifles!
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errc says
Raze all the schools in this country, sell the School Buses off to foreign countries, and make Public Education something we do from home on our Government Internet.

Excellent. But the Teachers would flip the fuck out.
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"Moar Immigrants, Xenophobes! We have to be humane. But the idea of a single paid sick day a year is bad for business, you redneck racists."
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In the USA, Courses that teach that "Whiteness" is bad and must be destroyed are routinely offered, including at Yale.
SJWs dominate HR Departments, Universities, and Bureaucracies Generally, and aggressively regulate speech and privilege post-modern putzery while placing chilling effects on free speech.
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The class, which is apparently being offered for the first time this semester, discusses “whiteness as a culturally constructed and economically incorporated entity, which touches upon and assigns value to nearly every aspect of American life and culture.”

The goal of the class is to “create a lab for the construction of counternarratives around whiteness in any creative form: play, poem, memoir, etc.,” states the syllabus.

Taught by Professor Claudia Rankine, the class is divided into eight topics: Constructions of Whiteness, White Property, White Masculinity, White Femininity, White Speech, White Prosperity, White Spaces and White Imagination, according to the syllabus.

Students in the course are asked to read books such as Michael Kimmel’s “Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era,” Richard Dyer’s “White: Essays on Race and Culture,” and Richard Delgado’s and Jean Stefanic’s “Critical White Studies: Looking Behind the Mirror.”

Other required readings include Hazel Carby’s “White Woman, Listen!,” Juliana Spahr’s “My White Feminism” and Professor Rankine’s own work, “The White Card.”

Rankine did not respond to multiple requests for comment from The College Fix.

The Fix also reached out to the chair of the English department, Langdon Hammer, and professor of English & African American studies Jacqueline Goldsby. Neither responded.

Outside of Yale, Rankine is active in the theater community. Her play “The White Card” is being produced at Boston’s Emerson Paramount Center. The play, which centers around “a conversation at a dinner party,” focuses on the question: “Can American society progress if whiteness stays invisible?”

Classes like “Constructions of Whiteness” are not unique to Yale. A controversial course titled “The Problem of Whiteness” is currently offered this semester at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Meanwhile, Stanford University offered a class in the fall called “White Identity Politics,” during which students discuss the “possibilities of…abolishing whiteness.”

At the University of Michigan last December, meanwhile, a workshop taught white employees how to address the “discomfort” of being white, instructing participants how to “recognize the difficulties they face when talking about social justice issues related to their White identity, explore this discomfort, and devise ways to work through it.”
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anon_8f378 says
Useless. I'm looking for solutions that help fix the problem.

Yeah, not having ANY controls to exit and enter a 3100+ Person Facility, much less one filled with kids, is not a problem. The kid was on a ban list but there was not one (1) person charged with the responsibility of checking entrants into the complex, so the list was nothing more than ass covering useless bureaucracy.

Or a kid who the police responded to complaints 39 times at his house, was expelled from regular school, on SSRIs, and diagnosed with mental issues, experienced no intervention despite at least one verified recent tip to a LEO Agency about Violent Threats by an adult, and many more by peers.

Instead, let's select the politically difficult idea of banning firearms.

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anon_8f378 says
This is why it's impossible to have an honest discussion. One side wants nothing to do with it.

Agreed. One side entirely dismisses the fact the school of 3100+ people had absolutely no checks to stop strangers from entering at a whim, that the perp encountered authorities 39 times, plus was expelled, plus was put on Meds, was identified at least once in the past few weeks for making violent threats, placed on a no-admittance list yet there was no security on site to enforce that list, and thus NOTHING was done, while the LEOs and School Officials dishonestly claim "There was nothing we could have done". Mendacious to the Max.

They instead want to pursue the politically difficult and constitutionally troublesome path of reducing access to guns for all, instead of having at least rudimentary security at huge school campuses or revisiting forcible hospitalization.

They don't even want to discuss those factors, and go straight for firearms.
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... Jazz being the exception.

Aren't SSRIs already issued with warnings about their impact on youths/teens? I seem to remember it was shown that SSRIs reduce inhibitions to violent behavior.
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anon_8f378 says
Thanks for proving my point. That is another pure lie. Not a half lie, or misrepresentation. Just a bald faced lie.

Yep, anybody who claims that there was even rudimentary, basic security and Cruz had to pass through before he entered the campus and/or building and identify himself is telling a Pure Lie.

Not a half lie, or misrepresentation. Just a bald faced lie.

"Besides having NO barriers to entry for visitors, what else could we have done?"

He entered the campus by car and

"He walked right through the door."
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errc says
which our anti-science right wing government

You mean the one that suggests you down 6-11 cups of grains each day for decades and still suggests bovine levels of unhealthy, heart-disease inducing grain consumption? While demonizing life-giving, brain protecting fats like eggs and red meat?
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errc says
Drunk drivers kill an order of magnitude more than both combined.

zzyzzx says
Illegal aliens kill more Americans than school shootings.

Illegal Immigrants don't drive drunk?

We all know how militant the Mexican School System, Police and Government generally are about Drunk Driving.
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WineHorror says
Question: what does it cost to use E-Verify?

It's free. And it should replace the I-9 Form and be mandatory.

Romney, McCain, Pelosi, and Durbin won't allow that though.
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Turkey renames Street that US Embassy is on after Recent Offensive Aimed At US-backed Kurds

Turkish Bodyguards beat up Kurdish Protesters on US Soil; Obama took no action.

Suspend from NATO until Erdogan gone.
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Oh look, NeverTrump Bill Kristol endorses NeverTrump Ross Douhat (The Very Reverend, Bailiff Knights Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion, et cetera) NYT Piece about banning AR-15s
I'm shocked that NeverTrump RINOs wanted gun control all along.
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anon_81928 says
This isn't correct. The nuke of the day was a pre-drednaught ship of the line with a full arsenal of long nines. Governments made damn sure that no private citizens with means could own one.

If you mean a long 9 pounder brass or iron cannon in the age of sail, merchant ships certainly carried those into the Civil War Era. Otherwise they would have fallen to pirates that abounded in the off the Horn of Africa, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, South China and Java Seas, if not elsewhere.

Here is a ship of the Black Ball Line with clearly visible gun ports. The ship was built in 1818 and this picture was painted in 1851, just prior to the Civil War.

A nine-pounder was hardly considered a big cannon, either. Six-pounders were for anti-personnel use; a nine-pounder would have been the smallest cannon effective against shipping. A nine-pounder would have been considered adequate only to fend off sloops, barques, and various smaller vessels. The Constitution, considered a Frigate, not at all a Ship of the Line, carried multiple 24-lb Long Guns.

Most private whalers carried cannon as well, and a great many skirmishes and actual wars were fought or began with or between whalers, such as the Nootka Crisis off the NW Pacific Coast or the capture of the French Whaler Hebe by a British Whaler in the 1790s.
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anon_ba2d2 says
Nope - not just an armed mere merchant ship. I am talking about the entire class of people who wanted a ship armed to the teeth - and had to become a sanctioned privateer to withstand a frigate attempting to "cross the T" and blow them out of the water.

Google "Letter of Marque"

In the War of 1812, privately armed and staffed American privateers were legendary, a major pain in the ass for Great Britain. Over 300 ships were captured by US Private Letters of Marque, owned and financed by wealthy Boston and Groton businessmen.

The "Prince de Neufchatel" was a famous US privately owned privateer that was armed to the teeth with 16 12-pounder cannon and armed mariners that operated in the War of 1812.
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why can't we forcibly hospitalize those who are clearly broadcasting major problems? What law do we need to pass or repeal?
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Unlike the Brady Campaign, the NRA is made up of millions of members and their contributions.

How many members does the Brady Campaign have? Two Million? haha

Which organization represents a mass movement, and a democratic membership, and which one represents a steering committee financed from wealthy foundations ?

May Democracy prevail against Elite preference.
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“I think it’s disgusting, personally. My father’s a retired FBI agent and the FBI are some of the hardest working individuals I have ever seen in my life,” proclaimed David Hogg to CNN.

“It’s wrong that the president is blaming them for this.”

Working so hard, they failed to respond to a warning from a bail bondsman - somebody familiar with criminal behavior since reading them accurately is his living - over Cruz' violent threats on Social Media.

Just like the FBI failed to stop Omar Mateen, despite a tip off from the Sheriff's Office.
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errc says
Bernie is the most popular and well liked politician in the country. Yet the media snuffed him out because the Oligarchs who own the media prefer Trump to Bernie. Facts

Prefer Hillary to Bernie, and Hillary to Trump.
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errc says steve bannon is MAGA oh noes bannon is GOOGOO GAGA

Wicked Wascist White Welder from Wisconsin. Die of opiate addiction for your decades of menial labor, Scum!

Welfare Woman of Washington DC so Wonderful with her 4 out of Wedlock Bastards, never Worked a Week in life. Kept Down by the Man! Needs more Help!

Gather around Globalist Georgetown Graduate Gentleman Guideposts for Glorious Future! If you're white and don't eat $50 Lunch of Sushi, live in $800k Townhouse, as Lobbyist or Media Contact for Non-Profit, you FAIL! So Cosmopolitan and Chic, you redneak freak!

We live in a redistributionist state. Washington DC is populated either by Welfare Hos with countless Bastards totally on the Taxpayer, or Georgetown/Brown Snobs redirecting money to the lobbying firms they work for. Everybody else must know their place, which is to provide MONEY (never a tax cut, peasants! The Lords need the harvest) to The Glorious Glitteratti and their Reserve Army of Non-Laborers.
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The NRA doesn't have 5M members?

How many members does the Brady Campaign have?

Which is more representative of democratic impulses? If there is such a mass movement for Gun Control, where are their million member single issue organizations?

Tell me.
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bob2356 says
Care to name all the leftist oligarchs that own the media? Start with Murdoch.

How about the Salzburgers, Carlos Slim, Jeff "We need Free Trade, Illegals, but I now tag my warehouse workers and regulate their bathroom trip to the milisecond" Bezos

Remember Ted Turner? He is the second largest private landowner in the USA.

A Brown Graduate, by the way.
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Kakistocracy says
Where do you draw the line on what constitutes a major problem, who gets to make up the rules and how many loopholes will be available for the well connected.

I think 39 visits by LEOs, multiple violent threats reported by multiple people, reports by total strangers promising school shootings on social media posts to the FBI, expulsion from public school for breaking windows and multiple violent freak outs, and bragging about torturing animals is more than enough for a LEO or School Admin to start the process.

The problem with the family members only is that they are biased to write off behaviors and dismiss multiple, severe behaviors as no big deal.

This Kid was signalling like the Great Lighthouse of Alexandria and 880 WCBS after 9PM and yet no controls were activated.

One of the reasons he was able to get a gun was that no public record mental health intervention was triggered, so there was nothing a background check would have found.
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This kid didn't need detection, he was like Formalhaut going Supernova. Nobody could or would get a forcible Mental Health process started.

Shit, the kid even made a school shooting threat under the usename "nikolas cruz" and the fuckup bureaucrat institution said they "Couldn't identify the poster based on the information". If only he posted his name AND social security number.
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Kakistocracy says
Administrators considered him enough of a potential threat that one teacher said a warning was emailed last year against allowing him on the campus with a backpack.

And because there was not a single security checkpoint, nobody was there to enforce the ban with a backpack.

The fact that the warning specifically mentioned backpack, and apparently he hid his disassembled AR-15 in it, means he may very well have made a SPECIFIC threat.

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Tenpoundbass says

Weaponized Autism is a marvel.

"Quick kids, get on TV, this is your chance to turn exposure to a Tragedy into an opportunity to create fame and maybe make 6 figures on the speaking circuit for yourself!"