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They won't do jack shit. Well, wait..

They WILL blame Trump when they can no longer hide the fact that they are not doing jack shit.

And I don't blame them...I blame the dumbass Libtards that populate this state.
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Whenever I come across a white male liberal spewing the Hate Whitey song and dance, I look at him and just want to say, "WTF are you doing? You know that they will come after you immediately after they kill me, right?"
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Booger says

Nonetheless, both he and his 4 secret service agents were on the log.
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Millennials on Twitter: Who cares what Bill Clinton did? Is he President right now?
Me: Then it doesn't matter what Trump does now because eventually he too will be a former president also, right?
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Patrick says
Well, that doesn't work either, because the Google verification never finishes.
Don't use DuckDuckGo for this. Use Chrome.

I can't log into The Atlantic's comment section on DuckDuckGo either. Probably for same reasons.
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Jerk off all over your phone and just hand it to the thug.
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Love how the lady in the Obesidimobile just gets up and walks around.

And with the entrance fee prices Disney charges these days, you would think riff-raff like this wouldn't be able to afford to get in.
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B.A.C.A.H. says
I am a Hoalie thinking of going to the Philippines soon to visit some inlaws.

I haven't gone to visit mine in 13 years. They always tell me it isn't safe. My wife goes by herself.

In fact, last time I was there there was an incompetent coup attempt. Thanks to cellphone viral text messages, even every 8 year old knew of the coup being planned. I was told to stay in my hotel for the last three days.
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Ceffer says
I hear that Epstein is taking seminars from Christine Blasey Ford to learn how to snivel, shrink, fake cry and quiver his lip while blaming Trump for EVERYTHING.

If so, he might want to revisit such a strategy:

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Yup. Three presidents went up against the global banking cartel. Two got assassinated for it. Lincoln and Kennedy.

Andrew Jackson they waited out. That is their strategy with Trump so far.

They killed the Russian Tsar and funded the Bolshevik revolution for the same reason, too.

The Suppressed History of American Banking: How Big Banks Fought Jackson, Killed Lincoln, and Caused the Civil War
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Tim Aurora says
Anything Trumpsters do not like can be blamed on MSM, deep state etc. Let us keep bogey man alive. Let us stick to the argument.

And libtards deny the MSM's role in an ongoing war against Trump.

Let us dispense with your bullshit.
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AOC, Tlaib, and others often say they just want a seat at the table, that they are being shut out. But generally, when progressives ask for a seat at the table it’s so they can tell everyone what to order and make someone else pay for it.

Love how this guy writes.
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Ceffer says
Pelosi: "Why, you ignorant little slut. Do you think we actually MEAN any of the swedo altruistic and free shit party line we flog? It's just to manipulate the masses to keep power. Get into character, spout your bullshit, take your graft then shut your yap and let the party seniority decide how the spoils are divided!"

That pretty much sums the entire situation up.
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Onvacation says
I still hear about how...misogynous our president is

You are confused about what president you are talking about.

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Onvacation says
He wants to make sure that everyone knows that his opponents over border control care more about criminal illegal aliens than law abiding US citizens.

Yeah, but the Democrats themselves are doing that to each other. Did you not watch the Dem debates?
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clambo says
I hope they keep fighting like a couple of cats on crack

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HonkpilledMaster says
Pelosi ruled out of order for remarks about "racism" against the President.

Yet, it passed.
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zzyzzx says

That's a Mardi Gras/Carnivalle chick photoshopped in there.
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CAR response: Now is a good time to buy!
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I've been following/interacting wtih Kathy on Twitter since the 2016 election when she worked for the Trump campaign as a high schooler. The girl is smart.

Trust me: She set these fuckers up. Well played.
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Patrick says
Fortunately, lending standards are tighter than they were during the great housing bubble of 2007.


I see signs for 'no money down' at the Muni stations all the time now.
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This is why Euroweenies leaders fear Bernie getting into power.
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Article written by a Realtard, obviously. Note how they try to compare this to the 2008 recession.
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Patrick says
They repeatedly used insults and demeaning adjectives to block me from several employment positions and speaking engagements.

In the US, proof of that would let you sue the living shit out of them. This is why US employers have policies concerning references that only confirm that the person worked there and when.
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Hey! Let's all register Democrat and vote for Maryanne in the primaries!

Let's fuck 'em up!
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This right here proves this article is bullshit:

Of the 10 states with the highest poverty rates, according to census data, all but one -- New Mexico -- voted for Trump. They are Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The census data that doesn't factor in local housing costs...because if they did, the phrase would be "10 states -- all Democrat controlled -- with the highest poverty rates voted for Hillary", instead.

California has the highest poverty: 25% of its population

But above all in general, this article is total bullshit because it does not even try to deny Baltimore but rather tries to deflect attention away from it with bullshit stats.
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You mean, "Male students falsely accused of sexual harassment sue California taxpayers for the malicious actions of protected civil servants", right?
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SunnyvaleCA says
California cannot deny citizens their constitutional rights (even though they try to in many cases). So, this argument holds: "federal law keeps tax returns confidential, and California cannot force a candidate to waive his or her rights under that law"

Constitutional rights? Show me where it is written in the Constitution that there is a right to keep tax returns confidential. Federal statutes are not constitutional rights.

No 'constitutional rights' are being violated here. A federal statute MAY BE, but only if the Supremacy Clause is involved. State governments are sovereign entities that the Feds just can't legislate roughshod over.

AGAIN...that MSN article is written by just another fool who knows buzzwords but doesn't know jack shit about them. Both articles are like this as is 99% of any article the media publishes.

PRIMARY elections are NOT GENERAL elections. And it is in GENERAL ELECTIONS that voters actually vote to put people into office (or, in this case, assign Electors who do so).

This California law does not keep The Donald from being on the GENERAL ELECTION ballot because he is not required to provide his tax returns to be on that. So there is no 'new requirement' being imposed. All the primary election does is determine what party label a candidate can have next to his/her name if they aren't running as an independent already.

No where in any of these articles is that distinction being made. In fact, they clearly interchange general and primary elections like they are one and the same! Therefore, the 'sources' he quotes probably weren't asked in the context of that distinction as well.

Ergo, those articles are total bullshit.
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HeadSet says
"Papers" is key here. No gov has a right to seize documents without probable cause of a crime.

Oh puleeeze. Then that means States can't require proof of identity of birth certificates, by your logic. Which is patently false, btw. And the key word is not 'papers'. It is 'unreasonable search and seizures' which is not happening here. Not even close. Nothing is being seized and (despite how you and I might not like this) nothing is 'unreasonable' about asking for this documentation, either. The Donald is being given a choice. Seizure means he isn't.

But all that doesn't even matter. TAX RETURNS are PUBLIC DOCUMENTS. That's right. The moment the IRS receives them, your legal expectation of privacy to have them considered private papers is toast. Same with ANY form of documentation you send to anyone else, but especially the government. In fact, if The Donald was a CA resident, then Sacramento would already have them as there is a sharing agreement between the IRS and the FTB (CA IRS).

So if NY passed this legislation, they would already have the tax returns then. Because they to also have that sharing agreement with the IRS.
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But critics argue suing the suburbs is not the best way out of the housing crisis. Development decisions should be made locally and with community input, not in courtrooms under pressure from outside groups such as CaRLA, said Susan Kirsch, founder of slow-growth group Livable California.

Oh yes! Decisions being made by folks who received campaign donations from CAR and other outside groups with an agenda to swing such decisions into the NIMBY way.

“These people (city councils) are so dedicated and are working so hard to find the solutions, to get the right affordable housing mix and the right jobs-housing balance,” she said

Hahahahahahahahaha! Translation: "We NIMBYs are in control, bitches! So just continue to bend over and take it up the YIMBY ass!"

“This project would result in a five-story building surrounded by two-story buildings, which goes against our General Plan and is completely out of character with our downtown aesthetic,” Lee Eng wrote in an emailed statement.

Why hasn't SCOTUS thrown this shit out or at least enforced the Takings Clause because this is denying private property owners their right to develop their property?
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Patrick says
"All the Democrats have to do to win is to come off less crazy than Trump, and, of course, they’re blowing it. Coming across as unserious people who are going to take away all your money so migrants from Honduras can go to college for free and get a major in America sucks," Maher said On Friday's broadcast of HBO's "Real Time."

Gotta give Maher credit for telling the truth, at least.

Patrick says
The facts on the ground seem to show that Trump has been the best president for ordinary working people in our lifetimes.

Wages for the 99% are way up:

Which is why Maher wants that recession. He's right in his logic about it being the only thing that would give any Democrat running in 2020 a snowball's chance.

He's a prick. But he is open and honest about it.
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Ceffer says
Abortion clinics now available in every High
School in United States .

How is that gonna jive with Sharia Law banning abortions and the legalization of raping non-Believer women openly on the streets?
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Well, the Libtards have finally realized that it has been overused to death.

Hence why 'White Supremacy' is the new phrase.
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Patrick says
I expect sf bay area house prices will keep slowly falling for years.

I wonder how much of this is the investor housing purchasing levels dropping and how much of it is buyers getting real given how they can no longer just write off high property taxes and income taxes.
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